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Whenever hurricanes and flooding hit in the South, there are vehicles that will have moderate to severe flood damage. Many of those end up for sale. Some of these vehicles that have not been completely submerged will be cleaned up, freshner sprayed into carpets and vents and shipped North, East and West. The people who deal in these vehicles get them dirt cheap and do some clean up and then ship them out to the unsuspecting public. These vehicles will look normal but after buying one of them you will most likely develop serious problems down the road. These vehicles [...]

Auto and car theft is a crime. In truth, the term “motor vehicle theft” could actually be used to refer to instances where automobiles, buses, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trucks, and other similar means of transportation are stolen. You see, this crime is actually punishable as a felony. This is primarily because this kind of situation causes extreme emotional and economic distress to its victim and to the society as well. Many automobiles and cars are stolen every minute. Whether the it is carjacking (stealing a vehicle while it is still occupied by the owner or the driver) or joyriding (stealing a [...]